Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celebrations . . . .

Here's Nottingham Star with a few red stars filling its center.

Woo Hoo, I'm liking the looks of this quilt top. I get these ideas in my head, but am never sure if what I see in my mind's eye will appeal to my naked far so good!

Today is Cooper's 2nd birthday, so in addition to two tablespoons of canned salmon in his food bowl, the celebration continued with a trip to the park. Cooper has always loved the smells, playground equipment, and general atmosphere there.

Today, someone was flying a kite. Something I've not seen in years, but it was a perfect day for it.

The daisies have lasted longer than the leaves on the trees. Our fall foliage was short and unspectacular this year.....too dry I heard them say on TV.

Here's Cooper's first trip to the park, at 4 months old we was just a little ball of fat and fur.

And not very happy. He didn't smile much as a pup, which worried me at the time.

But he outgrew the grumps and pretty much everything else around the house, his bed, his crate. He's now twice the size of his Mama, and has a good 20 pounds on his sister.

Here he is today, celebrating his birthday at the park. He's an extremely good natured dog who has added so much happiness to our home.

Happy Birthday Cooper!!

We could not love you more!!!


  1. I love red and brown together - I forget that. I'll have to do a quilt in those colors.

  2. Thelma, I love your Nottingham and brown...LOVE it! Happy! Happy Birthday Cooper!

  3. Happy Birthday Cooper!

    He's definitely smiling today Thelma. He's such an expressive looking pup.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Nottingham Stars come completely together. I love red!

  4. awww happy birthday Cooper. What a special way to spend a birthday :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to Cooper. I LOVE how your quilt is turning out. Can't wait for more.

  6. Love your quilt, Thelma. It's looking fabulous!

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Cooper!

  7. i love Cooper ... it does look like he was a solemn little puppy, but he's got a big old grin on his face today
    Auntia used to have a similarly solemn look on her little baby face (although not nearly as furry as Cooper's) and i worried about her, too - but now she, too, is extremely good natured - ha ha ha!
    anywho, please give Coop big birthday hugs from us

  8. Your quilt is wonderful! I love it! Happy birthday, Cooper. Penny sends her very best wishes, too!

  9. I've never seen a quilt on your blog that wasn't stunning. I love how these colors all work together.

  10. I think the quilt is going to look fabulous with the red!

    Happy Birthday, Cooper! My Lilly never looks too happy - but with her it's just that Pekingese aloofness - she's actually got it pretty darned good - LOL! The pups do bring such joy, don't they?

  11. Oh, what a cute Cooper is! It looks like he really enjoyed his day.
    Loving the looks of the quilts! Fabulous!

  12. Cooper is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to meet him one day. Happy Birthday to Cooper! Make sure you give him a pat and extra treat for me!


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