Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 1 - Blackberry Creek Home Arts Virtual Quilt Retreat

Last Update

So here's where I stand at the end of day one,

a perfect place to stop,
plus it's time to pick Cooper up at doggy daycare.

Tomorrow, Block "A"

3 pm update

I've got all my Block "B" blocks pieced,


Now to find the perfect arrangement on my design wall....

1:30 pm update

The pattern directions say to clip these these little wings.....

and I ALWAYS follow the directions.....

All clipped

and done with lunch....

11:30 Update

Two sides down,

and pressed.

Pumpkin scone all gone,
good thing, it's almost time for lunch!!

10 am update

Pumpkin scone's half gone.....

One side of setting triangles on....

Posted at 8:30 am, CST

Today is Day One of the virtual quilting retreat sponsored by Susan at Blackberry Creek Home Arts.

My first virtual sew along, so to get in the spirit of things, I 've decided to get out some fun Halloween socks...

a girlfriend gave these to me, and I've been saving them for just the right occasion...I think staying indoors, in the privacy of my sewing room, is just the "right occasion"!

I'm also wearing my sewing shoes,

I have to be able to sew with my right shoe off to drive my machine....are you like that too? I noticed at my retreat several ladies had this same issue. I drive my car with my shoe on, but for some reason, not my sewing machine. I just slip that right shoe on and off. I've been doing this so long, I don't even stop and think about it, it's just habit.

And what's a sewing retreat without snacks....

One Grande White Chocolate Mocha
- Half Caff
- Non Fat
- No Whip
- Only Two Pumps
- Extra Hot

With a pumpkin scone please

Thank You Starbucks!!

So today's task, finishing up the 24 Block B blocks for Route 44.

It takes eight of these,

to make one of these.

Add four setting triangles,

and I'm done.

I had my four patches all pieced before class, so today is all about the setting triangles.

I'm not sure how or what to blog when it comes to my virtual sewing day, so just stay tuned!

Ready, Set, GO.......


  1. It is bedroom slippers for me - the kind that fit the foot like a sock. I learned to sew on a Singer in a case with a knee pedal. I'm still, after many, many years, adjusting to the foot control. Happy quilting!

  2. nice socks!
    no - seriously - i really mean that - i LOVE the eyeballs keeping an eye (or three) on your pedal for you - and you can tell that they are really concentrating cuz they are bloodshot (unless that's an indication of how hungover they are from last night)
    i can't sew with either shoe on - my right foot doesn't like to be the only one exposed - and i can't sew barefooted - gotta have socks ... of course, that's how i ended up with the seam ripper doing the macarena whilst stuck into my foot, but that was a small price to pay
    have fun retreating ... i'm just a little bit jealous ... okay, a whole LOT jealous ... but if it can't be ME, then i am happy that it is YOU!

  3. Oh Thelma you made me laugh. I have to have a shoe on to sew. Even if it is just a slipper. Guess I get better grip and speed control :-) And your Starbucks sounds like my sweet sister in love who sews with me!

  4. Hey!! I just jumped over from Susan's retreat! I am sewing along with you this morning! I cut my fabrics Sunday night and yesterday! Your blog is SO cute!! and so are those socks!! Read your post about featherweights too! I have a black one and a white one!! LOVE them! They rock! Have fun sewing...I will check in later!

  5. Hi, I came over from Susan's blog to see how you're doing with the retreat. Your blog is so lovely. It looks like you're getting a lot done. I am too. Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins)

  6. Your socks couldn't be cuter, Thelma! I'm glad you are getting so much done!

  7. Love your socks and shoes! I don't sew with my shoes on either. You will have your quilt done before the day is over knowing you :)

  8. I'm a bare foot girl. I love your socks, justthe thing for sewing in.
    You've managed to get a load done today well done.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  9. Your socks match how my eyes look today.

  10. I loved seeing your progress during the day! Like you, I absolutely cannot sew with my shoes on. Not sure why but it is what it is. I can do it with socks though! Love yours by the way.

  11. I really like those blocks you're working on -- thanks for sharing the pattern! Your snax look really yummy, and I am LOVIN' your sox!!!

  12. Your quilt is looking great - coming right along.

    I sew with my left foot - my Bernina has a knee lift, and I'm not coordinated enough to sew with my right foot and use the knee lift with my right leg at the same time. I slip my left shoe off when machine quilting, but not for just piecing and regular sewing.

  13. It was fun to read your day in review. It seems to have been a productive one! Love the quilt so far. -Joanne

  14. Gorgeous colors! I can't wait to see the other block tomorrow!

  15. Great work on your project! LUV the colors, and the socks of courseI have a Featherweight pic on my blog...That polka dot is a scream! I bought mine on eBay about 2yrs. ago. Paid WAY under what they usually go for, but had to have the european plug changed and the machine serviced. It still came up to about half of what they were goin for at the time...
    I'm just getting started sewing as Iam a nite owl..
    Gael Tino ...Pink-a-palooza

  16. Route 44 is looking good! Gorgeous, actually.

    I'm with you ~ I loved that penny rug print and really hoped it would work but the scale is too big. It was too busy with the blocks. But the polka dot is perfect! I love it!

    Put me with the one-shoe-off-to-sew group. It's always the hardest thing when I go to a class or retreat, I have to be able to slip my shoe off. Socks are good, barefoot is fine. But a shoe just feels "off". The odd thing is that I can drive a car with shoes, slippers, socks, flip-flops, heels, bare feet, whatever.

    And good luck with Santa. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

  17. That's a good day's work...way to go! Love the sewing retreat footwear! I really must go shopping and spruce up for when I go to retreat in the winter!

  18. Looks like a great day of work! Hope you are enjoying the retreat...

  19. Love those blocks!! Going to be a GREAT quilt! Have fun sewing today! btw I sew with 1 shoe off too! Whenever I go to a sewing class I make sure to wear slip-on shoes so that I can slip one off!

  20. That's going to be a beautiful quilt! I drive neither car nor sewing machine with shoes on! But, when I stand to cut, I always have my Anywears clogs on, or my legs and feet will pay later! So wish I could be "retreating" with you all!


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