Monday, October 11, 2010

Next Up . . . . .

First, just let me tell you I'm so jealous of all the quilters who left comments saying they owned and loved their Singer Featherweight machines! I enjoyed all the stories. I'm hinting and hoping Santa may bring me one.....but not a black polka dot one! Why am I the last person to jump on this bandwagon.....I have so much to learn, but thanks to all for all the helpful tips.

Ashcombe is off to the quilter's, so next up is this pattern.

This class was sponsored by The Quilters General Store in Rockford, Illinois.

I was very excited when I learned this was the project the store selected for their class. I liked this pattern as soon as it was revealed in Carrie's booth at Spring Market.

Naturally, the red grabbed my attention right off, but it was the pattern that really appealed to me. I'd not made a quilt that resembled anything like this, a refreshing change of pace, but still somewhat traditional.

I knew immediately that Saltbox Harvest by Deb Strain for Moda was the fabric I wanted to use. Interestingly enough, the majority of the fabric in Carrie's Route 44 is Simple Abundance!

So here's the fabric, all ready to be cut and pieced.

The background fabric was a struggle, I wanted something lighter than the background fabric that came with Saltbox Harvest, so the search was on. After visiting all the quilt shops in my immediate area, I finally decided to drive 90 minutes to a quilt shop that has a huge selection of fabrics.

I couldn't decided between two fabrics so I got them both.

This fabric is called Sprinkles, like cupcake sprinkles, the color is a perfect match with its golds and yellows.

I think it looks more like hay, flying through the air, after an elephant sneeezed.

This was my second choice,

the color is good, but after looking at it for a day or two, the flowers started looking more like stickmen to me, and I just didn't think it had the same feel as Saltbox Harvest.

So I picked the flying hay fabric.

As soon as I saw Route 44 and Saltbox Harvest, I knew I wanted the red penny rug print for my setting triangles. I ordered a fat quarter bundle and 5 yards of the penny rug print.

As soon as the fabric was delivered, I made my sample block...

a little busy, don't you think? I was so disappointed. I just knew that penny rug print was going to be amazing, but instead it turned out to be amazingly busy, too busy.

So I switched to the red polka dot fabric,

a huge improvement. And I do like dots. Look for that penny rug print on the back of this quilt after it's been quilted....I'm bound and determined to use it!

So here are my two sample blocks of the two blocks required for Route 44.

Susan, at Blackberry Creek Home Arts is hosting a virtual sew along/quilting retreat this week. Click here for details. I always enjoy following the Friday Night Sew Along posts, but am never able to join in the fun because Friday night is date night at my house. So I'm excited to be participating in my first virtual sew along. I think special socks and snacks are in order.

If you would like to join in the fun, it's not too late, just drop Susan a note. I plan to spend my sew along time working on Route 44, there's a great deal of piecing in that project, I think this is a perfect retreat project.


  1. Love your Route 44 blocks...the dots are perfect and the penny rug fabric will be an awesome back. I'm really liking the flying the elephant sneezing. Have fun sewing...

  2. Love the newest project! Red is definitely an attention grabber. Although the first print is a little busier than the last one, I still like it. But then again, I am used to using a ton of Kaffe fabrics, which tend to be busy. Can't wait to see your progress.

  3. I love the dots too! Well...I love the penny print...but you've made the right decision. Use it on the back and you'll still get to enjoy it :)

  4. Wow, those are gorgeous fabrics. I really like the flying hay. And the penny rug and the little dots too.
    I'm enjoying your blog. Great photos, and I love how you describe your thought process.

  5. This quilt is going to be stunning!! I must keep my eye open for Route 44!! Thanks for sharing...always love your blog!!

  6. The red dot fabric is just perfect! And the penny rug print will be perfect for the back! Can't wait to see this one finished o:)

  7. I love red and the polka dots work perfectly! I was interested in seeing how you have your strips laid out on the racks. Is that in your sewing room? I'd love to hear more about them and how you use them.

  8. Love your fabric choices for this quilt. I want to make both this one and Ashcombe.

  9. This Miss Rosie's pattern is just great, and I think your choice of fabrics will really look smashing!

  10. Love the blocks so far. The flying hay and the polka dots are perfect for the fabrics. I look forward to seeing it finished

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  11. I'm so impressed that you make a sample block. I need to remember to do that:) I love Salt Box Harvest. I'm working on a Schnibble with charm packs from that line. I used the white dot fabric for my background. Hoping to finish the borders tomorrow. Off to check out the virtual sew-along. Might work into this week. Take care!

  12. the fabrics look great, I love the flying hay "name" for the fabric!
    yes it works!!!!
    great sample block can't wait to see more , its a great quilt pattern!

  13. I agree with the red polka dot it! Have fun at retreat!

  14. I love Salt Box Harvest~ your Route 44 is going to be gorgeous! Happy stitchin'!

  15. i do love the elephant-sneeeezed hay (i see the stick men, too - and once i saw them, i can't seem to STOP seeing them) ... and the polka dots are a super choice over the penny rug print (which kinda look like polka dots on steroids ... or flamboyant polka dots ... or polka dots on drugs) ... this is gonna be way cool


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