Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Now, A Little Later . . . .

I connected all the blocks for Route 44.


added the first border fabric.

What a difference one little two inch strip of fabric can make!!

Next up, 4 more rows of borders.......It should be interesting, there are two one inch border strips involved!

The other day, I was "talking" to Nicole about working on Belle Meade. This is a Bonnie Blue Quilts pattern. Bonnie Blue had this pattern in a kit using Rouenneries by French General at the Chicago Quilt Show this spring. I had the Rouenneries fabric, so I grabbed the pattern.

We decided to get started on this project right after the holidays, if you would like to join in on the fun, you have plenty of time to get your fabric and pattern.

This pattern requires a few 2 1/2" hsts, 656 to be exact.....doesn't that sound horrible, and boring....and a lot of work!

We decided doing a few everyday would maybe alleviate some of the pain. So the first thing, each day that I sit down at my sewing machine, I'm starting with of few hsts.

I'm a "make the squares bigger, draw the line, and square up" kind of girl when it comes to my hsts. I thought I would give a couple of new methods a shot, since I would be doing just a few each day.

First up Thangles,

the process is easy enough, and the hsts, no squaring up required......but tearing off the paper is a nuisance.

Next I tried the Easy Angle,

quick, easy, no squaring up and best of all,
when they're done they're done, no paper to tear off.

So here's my Belle Meade hst basket

32 down, 624 more to go!!!


  1. Thelma your Route 44 is gorgeous! Absolutely GORGEOUS! I must do that one. Oh I'm so excited that you invited us to join in on the Belle Meade fun...I started it last year and tucked it safely in a doing the HST with friends will be a lot more fun! YIPPEE! The paper drives me nuts too...I like the accuracy but not the tearing. I've been an overcut and trim girl too...I'm going to try the Easy Angle. Oh I'm a happy girl this morning...thank you!

  2. Route 44 is looking good! I think your idea of doing a few HST's every day is a great one. They're tedious for me. It will be so much more fun doing it with a friend too.

  3. So true a little border really can make the difference. It is looking fantastic! I am so anxious to see how your Bell Meade will turn out. That is one gorgeous quilt. But it may be just a little while with all the HST's that you have to make.

  4. What a marvelous idea to try different methods of HST's for this quilt. I also love the idea of doing a few every day. Route 44 is looking great. Border one enhances your piecing, but all those borders(: I don't like sewing borders. The real truth is I don't like measuring for borders. Have a fabulous day!

  5. If someone had the time, you could organize a HST swap. That would greatly enhance everyone's variation. I think that's quite a job, though, having a big swap.

  6. Ah. Route 44 is headed to gorgeous. I'm so happy you went with the less busy red. It makes you focus on the design more than on the blocks themselves. It's rare for me to find a quilt where a border will not kick it up a notch. There are some designs that need to let the edges fly free but most of the time, a border just enhances.
    I was telling Nicole that I need to find a simpler way to make the HST. I have a quilt languishing in Unfinished heaven because I got so dang bored with the HST. I have the Easy Angle in my 'tools I never use' pile. I will need to dust it off and see how it preforms. That, or I might have to do as you do and squeeze in a few HST every day so it won't be so overwhelming.

  7. Route 44 looks great. It's amazing what the first border did to set if all off.

    And love your idea of the HSTs. I've always found them a pain to do especially when you have so many. I've usually done them with Thangles, but I like your idea much better.

  8. It was incredible how much that first border set off the blocks!
    You sure are a glutton for punishment with 600 + HST's! I'm afraid that would deter me from any quilt, even one that I love! Your idea for sewing a few at a time is the way to go. Love the photo of the basket with the lonely blocks at the bottom!

  9. A perfect new project for the new year and my new house! :)

  10. Love, love, love your Route 44 quilt - the red background is perfect. :-)

    Trying different methods to make half square triangles is a wonderful idea. Your Belle Meade project is going to be fun.

  11. The Route 44 is looking really good. But you can count me out of the Belle Meade project. I just know it would be a UFO in the making: I'd get bored doing all those HSTs. Good luck, I'll be watching.

  12. I marvel at how productive you are, making such lovely things! I've always been a make them bigger, square them up kind of girl for hst's too, but rather than draw the lines, I've used the Angler 2 type product (old version). Doesn't solve the squaring up, but means you don't draw any lines on your squares. Whichever way, you're sure to be a pro when you're done with your hst's!

  13. Why oh why didn't I go with the Easy Angle method? Now I have all those dumb papers to deal with. A few each day. A few each day....

  14. I love Thangles and have never had trouble getting the paper off. Holding the HST in your left hand, if you place your left thumbnail on the stitched seam and grasp the big triangle of paper with your right thumb and index finger and rip, it comes off very easily. Watch the video on Thangles website.. that will solve your problem for sure!! Love your Blog...

  15. If you keep showing Route 44 I'm going to have to break down and start it!

  16. I al loving your Route 44 quilt. I saw Nicole's also. What a fun pattern! The other pattern by Bonnie Blue is stunning! Very tempting:)


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