Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Have A Plan . . . .

I almost forgot to share with you the fall quilt I've been enjoying this month.

This is the only quilt that I own that is hand quilted. And as if the hand quilting doesn't make it special enough, it was hand quilted by a friend, so it's twice as special.

This is Lifetime Quilt # 18. If you would like to see better pictures of the quilting and learn more about the pattern, select #18 - Twisted Bargello from the list on the right.

I'm sticking with my "few a day" plan for the half square triangles for Belle Meade.

102 down, 554 to go, and the basket still looks empty!

And, I decided on my next project.

It's Nottingham Star by Grace's Dowry Quilts available from The Quilt Merchant.

I'm not sure why I was stuck on picking my next project, but once I decided that Nottingham Star was the next one up, my next 4 quilt projects fell right into line.

I picked this pattern for the following reasons;
it met my brown criteria,
the whole project has 1300 fewer pieces than Route 44,
it's really different from anything I've made before, the whole quilt top is like one gigantic block,
and I have everything I need to get going on it NOW!!

I really liked Sandy's comment about needing to "cleanse the palette".... a very apt description of what I was needing.

My Nottingham Star will be very scrappy. I've pulled around 60 brown, red and cream fabrics from my stash, no family of fabrics this time around. I think I've decided that cutting one or two squares from each fabric is taking longer than the piecing.

My next project will use the Maison De Garance fabric from French General for Moda. Based on the comments I received, that was by far the most popular choice for my next project. But I need to give that pattern some thought, and I want something really special for that family of fabrics.

Stay tuned for updates, I expect this project to go fast, if I ever get done with the cutting!


  1. Thelma that's going to be just gorgeous in red and brown...can't go wrong with that combo. Scrappy is so much fun, but it does take tons of time to cut...but well worth it! Have lots of fun with this one!

  2. The quilt on the red couch is just fabulous!! It goes so well with your decor!! You seem to always have a new plan or quilt in the works and I love the patterns you choose. Looking forward to seeing this one!

  3. I got my copy of Nottingham Star yesterday! It is beautiful - I love the actual photo on the front of the pattern. I would love to quilt along with you, but I just can't manage it at the moment. I have to finish my kaleidoscopes first and then must catch up on some actual quilting. But I think the Nottingham Star will be my next new quilt because it is so pretty. I'm looking forward to watching you with yours!

  4. Oh, there you go again showing that GORGEOUS red sofa!! Really Thelma... do you know how painful it is NOT having a red sofa!! LOL! At least you have a plan! I need a plan, yep, that might work :) LOL!

  5. I can't wait to see your Nottingham Star. It's a gorgeous pattern. I loved your Route 44. I'm soooo tempted to order that same fabric collection, but I have a fat quarter bundle of Bliss arriving any day, so it probably won't or should I say "shouldn't" happen!

  6. I think that the cutting and organizing of the fabrics is what takes so long in scrappy quilts...and what makes people pick a coordinated bundle to work with. I have been cutting and pressing and organizing scraps this week and I'm so bored with it...ready to sew something!

  7. Wonderful choice but all your choices were wonderful! LOL! But you know I really like this one since I bought it too! I'm looking forward to seeing how your version turns out.
    Question on your HST. What method did you decide to go with? I pulled out my Easy Angle and the block ended up being 1/8" too small after piecing the resulting triangles. I'm going to pick up some triangle papers to see how I feel with that method, but was curious if you have gone back to piecing big and trimming, which is what I typically do.

  8. You make me laugh how you count all your pieces. I think I would give up before I started if I did that! But what a great sense of accomplishment to know how much you actually did.

  9. I fell in love with Nottingham Star before we even picked up the pattern after I saw it on the Quilt Merchant's web site. I will be excited to see your progress on this one!

  10. Sounds like a great plan! I love stars too. Have a happy day!

  11. Just you keep a list of all of your lifetime quilts? If so, where, in a journal, book? I wish I had started doing that years ago. I'm thinking about starting now, though I've given many away and don't even remember some...but it would be fun to document as many as I could! Anyway...any tips you could give me on this would be great!

  12. Do you have Bed, Bath, and Beyond in your area? The sale flyer arrived in the mail today. There were some neat things for making cupcakes. Of course, this items may not be new to you, but I thought of you when I saw them.

  13. I'm looking forward to seeing your work on Nottingham Star.

    "Cleanse the palette" - what a great term! That's exactly what I'm doing with my turquoise project, which is not my usual set of colors.

  14. I love your twisted Bargello and your next quilt is going to be gorgeous

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  15. Definitely sounds like a plan! It's always good to start a new quilt project!

  16. Oh Thelma...that is a beautiful quilt. And it goes so well on your couch!
    I love hearing about your projects!


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