Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - 2010

Here's the card my daughter sent for Halloween.....

I hope some fun Halloween themed cupcakes are part of your day!

Here's my two Halloween Quilts,

well really 5 . . .

I made 3 of these.
See Lifetime Quilt # 5, 6, & 7 to the right for more detail.

And I made 2 of these.

See Lifetime Quilt # 25 & 26 for more detail on this one.

But what I really want,

is this one . . . .

This has got to be my all time favorite Halloween/Fall Quilt....I don't own it, I don't even own the pattern.....
I just worship from afar!


  1. A very Happy Halloween to you! Love your Halloween fun! I have always loved that Blackbird Halloween/Fall quilt...I should really say lusted after that quilt...LOL!

  2. Samhain blessings to you. I love the quilts

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  3. What other card would Ashley pick for her Momma? Your 5 sided quilt for your friend has some wonderful fabrics and colors in it. Happy Halloween!

  4. Cute card and fun quilts! I have drooled abt that Blackbird one from afar too. :-) Have a Happy Halloween!

  5. happy samhain to you and yours ... i love 1904, too - if i was half-way decent at doing applique i would be all over it like stink on a skunk
    and speaking of stink - can you believe my Broncos?!? not only did we lose, but my kickers absolutely STUNK - in a stadium that was built for KICKING ... sheesh!

  6. That is an adorable card! And I love seeing your Halloween quilts again.

  7. Love love love that card. It is so perfect for you!! That Halloween quilt is also on my dream to do list!

  8. I'll bet you could make this quilt a beauty!

  9. Easy transition between Thanksgiving and Halloween decor! I am like you with 1904... I worship it from afar. It's not to early to start it for next year, right?


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