Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 3 - Virtual Quilt Retreat

All Done!!

My blocks and the Quilting Retreat!!

YEAH! I was able to wrap up all the piecing on my Route 44 blocks today.
I only had to resew two, not too bad. I'm happy with how they went together and how they look on my design wall.

I'll give my design wall a rest for tonight,

then check out my placement again tomorrow before I start connecting all the blocks.

Once I get the blocks all connected, I still have a little work ahead of me, the border on the quilt really sets it off, I'm eager to get going on it.

I had these blocks leftover.

Thanks Susan for hosting the Quilting Retreat. I plan to get out and see what everyone else has been doing in their sewing rooms.

Afternoon Update

I'm making great progress, the blocks are cooperating!!

So, fewer of these on my sewing table . . .

means more of these on my design wall!!

I'm determined to get them all done TODAY!..It may call for drastic measures, like asking my husband to pick up pizza for dinner!!

Noon Update

I'm making progress,

and so far, I have only had to unsew/resew one block!

It's been a peaceful and relaxing morning.

I'm enjoying making each block, the color combinations are really speaking to me,
the next block, so far,
always seems to be my favorite one.

Today is the official last day of the Virtual Quilt Retreat.....

One last sock fashion show,

it was hard to decide what pair to wear today, I didn't realize how many pairs of Halloween socks I owned!

I only ate two pieces of my chocolate bar yesterday,

so I've got plenty to get me through today.

Just in case you're stopping by for the first time,

here's what I'm currently working on,
Route 44 from Miss Rosie's Quilt Company ,designed by Carrie Nelson.
I started this project while attending one of Carrie's classes in Rockford, IL.
I'm loving this pattern and my fabric choices, which has made my time in my sewing room fly by.

So today's goal, the last day of my virtual quilting retreat, sponsored by Susan,

is to fill my design wall

with these.

24 more to go!

I think it's a pretty optimistic goal, 4 points to line up on each block, it may take some time and patience.

I have two hard fast rules for these blocks, no cut off points and no really cockeyed points. I can live with a little more or a little less fabric above the point, and a little off center....the definition of "little" may change as the day progresses.

I followed Carrie's directions to the letter when trimming up my blocks, and took my time to be sure I left 1/4" of background fabric beside each point. I hope the time I spent trimming yesterday, saves me some time today, I don't expect any missing points.

Here's how I piece my blocks to give myself the best chance of success.

First, I take a needle that I use in my sewing machine, nice and fat, and I push it through the front point on one block.

That allows a little daylight to shine through.

Then I push one regular pin through that hole, on the backside of the fabric.

Then through the point on the front side of the other block.

Almost there, then I move my pin up, down, all around, until it is straight.

I leave that pin in place and then carefully pin the two pieces together and continue pinning to the edges.

Then I hold my mouth just so, cross my toes, and slide the unit through the machine.

So here's what I ended up with,

not perfect,

but one I can live with!

Here's to hoping I have a day with little resewing!!

I'll post an update around lunch time.


  1. Hello, your block is very nice and your works are lovely!!!!

  2. I think it looks great! I will usually pin right through the point like you do, but only remove the pin *just* as the needle is about to sew, there!

  3. Great tip! Super cute socks and I have got to have some of that chocolate!!

  4. Great blocks...thanks for the tips...I haven't put shoes on in quite a while because it's still quite warm...but I have lots of Halloween socks too!

  5. Looking good! I think I need to make this quilt.

  6. Your Route 44 looks wonderful! That fabric line is super. You're making great progress. I did quilty things today, but not alot of sewing. I'm hoping to blog a bit later. Take care! Thanks for blogging about this virtual retreat. I've met some really nice bloggers from Susan's blog.

  7. Love the socks! Guess what I bought today? Saltbox Harvest bundle and yardage! Love it!!

  8. Loved all your socks! You have accomplished so much during the retreat.

    Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins)

  9. Looks great Thelma! I love those fabrics, but then I love most fall fabrics. It's my favorite season.

    Oh, and I can't sew with shoes on either...always have to wear slip-ons for classes, etc. Maybe because it helps us control the pressure on the pedal better??? That's my theory anyway.

  10. Great job Thelma! Your blocks are fabulous. I will work on mine all weekend and hope to get them done too. Really liked your tip on lining up those points. Too late for me though...I have to go over my finished blocks with a fine tooth comb and redo any points that are too off.

  11. I am really enjoying your and Nicole's Route 44 quilts. And just now I ordered that pattern and Ashcombe. I think they're really appropriate for scrappiness (at least I hope so!) I think you have very nice, perhaps, impeccable taste in fabric choices. It's always fun to see what you've got going and what's been done. You're a very good blogger and very entertaining, too. Thank you.

  12. So you are my new hero and not because of this quilt. How can one only eat two pieces of a chocolate bar?!!

    Great quilt, too.

  13. OMG your Route 44 blocks are absolutely awesome! You got tons done...what fun!

  14. Congratulations on all you accomplished on your retreat! Great job!


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