Saturday, September 8, 2012

A few winners . . . . . .

I found a winner for my thread storage dilemma!

I got so many great suggestions it took a few days to research them all so I could make my decision.  I thought it would be easier and cut down on my options if I could decide if I wanted to store my thread standing up or laying down.  I decided I wanted to store my thread laying down on its side, so I could see all the colors and more of each color.  I figured it would be easier to match my thread to my project storing them that way.

So once I decided that I wanted to store my thread on its side, I then needed to decide if I wanted to store the thread individually in compartments, or side by side with no dividers.  I went with the compartments because I thought it would be easier to keep things neat removing and replacing the thread if they were in compartments.

So then all I needed to do was find some sort of storage device that had compartments big enough for my thread to lay on its side.

Based on some of the suggestions I received, I was prepared to look at a sporting goods stores tackle boxes, storage containers at Target and Staples, and Toys R Us, for those car boxes.  However my first stop was JoAnn's, and it was my last stop.

Here is the container I chose, the Creative Options Double Sided Thread Organizer.

Each box has 46 compartments, a handle, and opens from both sides.

Not only does my thread fit in these compartments, I'm able to also store any bobbin thread that I may have from that same thread in the same compartment.

I decided to sort my thread by color only. There are different types of thread within each color, for example my brown cotton thread and brown silk thread are by each other, I don't have a silk section and a cotton section.  I figured I would look for thread based on my color need first, then decide if I needed a specific type of thread.

For right now I can get by with just two boxes, that fit very nicely in my closet.

These containers are currently 40% off and run $8.99 each!  Click here for details.

It sure makes me happy to have that mess cleaned up!

Another winner, 246 folks stopped by to tell us about their Summer of Fun, wow, thanks!  I'm glad I picked a such a popular give-away.  We were a busy group this summer, when we weren't sewing we were traveling near and far, moving up to a bigger house, moving down to a smaller house, or enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.  But the most popular theme in the comments was the fun we had spending time with family, me included.  

And the winner of the Buggy Barn kit is Janelle who left this comment,
 "I've been enjoying a fairly laid back summer. One memorable night though was sitting in our yard watching an amazing lightning storm with my husband. We don't get a lot of lightning where I live in Washington, but this was great, almost like watching fireworks!"  

I can't believe that kit flew to my house only to be shipped back to Washington.  Janelle, I need your mailing address, please send me an email at

I'm not the only one looking forward to the first Sunday of football!

Enjoy your weekend, we plan to!


  1. What a great storage container...and perfect for Aurifil! Must see if I can locate some of these.
    Hope your furry football fan gets some half time treats!

  2. Cool storage! I think your football fan is really cute. :-)

  3. I really like the idea of storing the bobbin with the thread color. Sure would make it easier when changing threads on a project.

  4. Wow, that container is just like the one for storing cars which I use! It is very convenient to have it open on both sides, good choice :)

  5. Perfect solution! Look at that cute football fan! LOVE it!

  6. That storage box is exactly what I use and tried to explain to you. You will really like them! Love your doggy photo...cute!

  7. adorable! and your thread storage option is great might have to rethink mine

  8. The thread storage is wonderful, I have two of them...sorry not a football fan, but enjoy your weekend!

  9. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing your research with us. I feel a trip to Joann's in my future...

  10. I love these containers for the same purpose-however-I bought mine 10+ years ago when they were advertized as matchbox car holders! I have claimed them from my son!

  11. Люблю, когда нитки лежат по цветам в контейнерах. Порядок! Собачка очень смешная.


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