Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tools Tuesday - Triangle in a Square . . .

Part I

I bought this pattern ages ago, it's Desert Bloom by Bread and Butter Quilts.  I always think I'll get to it at the end of summer, when sunflowers are blooming like crazy around here.  One of the things stopping me are those triangle in a square blocks that make up those sunflowers.  

Knowing that I needed to make that type of block, I was on the lookout for a ruler to help me out. Somewhere along the line  I bought two but never used them, never even played with them.

This is the Tri Tool and Recs Tool made by EZ Quilting.  

And these are Eleanor Burns, Quilt in a Day Triangle in a Square rulers.

First up, the Quilt in a Day rulers.  You can make two different size blocks with this ruler,  3" and 4" finished blocks.

To make the "square" part of the block you cut a strip of fabric one inch larger than the unfinshed size of the triangle in a square block.  Fold the fabric so like sides are together,  cut the strip a specified width, which is provided in the instructions, and cut that rectangle once, on the diagonal.

Using this ruler, you cut the triangle  portion of the block.  The width of this fabric is the same as the width you used above.

Then you sew each side on to the triangle, lining up the piece like this, with that point hanging over the top.

Press, then attach the other side in the same manner.


This is my favorite part of this ruler, you take the other template and use it to square up the block.

First the top . . .

then the bottom.


The instructions that accompany the templates are wonderful, clear, easy to follow, and with wonderful illustrations.

 I'm a make it bigger and square it gal so this ruler really suits me.  I wonder why I was so hesitant to make this block, it's easy!  The only draw back that I see is the size limitation of these rulers.  The rulers are still available and run $14.95. (click here)

I love this ruler set and am anxious to compare it to the EZ Quilting set, which I'll do next Tuesday since this post is already long and picture heavy.  

As always, these tools posts are more informative when folks who have actual experience with them, good or bad, leave comments, feel free to pass along any information you may have about a Triangle in a Square ruler or block.

Thanks so much!


  1. i have the ez tool get it out and stare at it once in a while seems pretty straight forward i just have never used it may be ill cut something with it this week i have a binding ruler i bought in padukah and cant remember how to use it have one of these??got fabric to do hubble quilt and thats what ill be cutting this week thanks for your tools really help

  2. Well, what a coincident!! I was looking at mine yesterday - the E-Z one. I've never seen Eleanor's but you made it look easy. That block sure makes a pretty quilt, and those sunflowers are pretty nifty - everyone will think you are a genius!!! You are, right? Have a super day!!

  3. Welllllll Great.... I was just working out the math and the trial and error method of making up a triangle in a square.
    Now I need to wait until next week to check out the other rulers!and see which one works best.... any sneek peeks as to which one your prefer????
    Love these tuesday postings!

  4. I have the EZ rulers at home. I've never used it but picked it up to make one of Carrie's patterns. I think my whole guild has used them since I always get asked to bring them when on retreat. LOL! I think the limitation on size would stop me from picking the Elenor Burns version. I'm looking forward to your review next week.

  5. First off, a strong statement - I hate the Tri Rec tools to make this long pointed star block. There's a little notched corner on the long point ruler that I could never cut correctly and it's important for matching up the stars for sewing - plus the rulers slip. I love this block, however, and I'm so glad to see there is an alterative ruler out there - I will have to look into the Eleanor Burns version.
    On another note, I have just created our guild's weblog and would appreciate it if I may have your permission to link to your Tools Tuesday. If this is something you would prefer not to do, that's fine too, I won't be offended. The url is qg-yr.blogspot.com

  6. Love your tool Tuesdays! I made one of Eleanor Burns' quilts using this triangle in a square ruler. I think it was called Garden Path in her Still Stripping After 25 Years book. The block is similar to the one called 54/40 or Fight. I loved the rulers. She makes it simple but I didnt have my strips of fabric right sides together when I did the cutting of the half triangles, so I wound up cutting aall one side so I had to cut a buncch more once I figured it out. I use the Tri Recs EZ rulers too. Eleanor's rulers are such tjat you make them larger and trim down so more fabric waste but super accurate.

  7. Love your review and demo on these rulers!! I'm attending quilt camp with Quilt In A Day in November and I will definitely be picking up one of these rulers.

  8. I have the first ruler and am about to really use it. I am nervous whenever I try something new! Thanks for leading us on the tool exploration Thelma!

  9. Thanks for the review on this ruler. I have this same pattern so I could use this ruler

  10. I am really enjoying reading your blog! THank you for the helpful tool reviews and tutorials! I really like to know which rulers let you make the piece larger and then trip for accurate piecing - I do much better that way!

  11. I really enjoy when you do these tool reviews! I have a gazillion tools in my sewing room that I haven't even touched. Since you've been reviewing them, now I actually use them!!

  12. I have always avoided making blocks with 'those' triangles...I think I'll purchase the tool and give them a go now!! Thanks Thelma, I love this series!

  13. Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait for the Tri Recs next Tuesday. I will be starting a quilt with many stars, and I think the TriRecs will be the perfect rulers

  14. I have the Tri Recs tools, Thelma, and have used them, but I am a much bigger fan of the Deb Tucker Rulers. One of her rulers, the V-Block Trimmer, is right up the alley of the Tri Recs but has the added benefit of being good for blocks of many different sizes, not just one or two, and has a great little X mark at the top that allows you to trim the top of the block in such a way that your 1/4" seam always -- always!! -- hits the very top of the point, no more, no less.


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