Friday, September 14, 2012

Still starting down that Long Road Home . . .

So I've made a few 9 patches, not all that I need but a good start.

To change things up a little I decided to work on the sashing for some of those 9 patches.

And make a few inspiration blocks . . . 

So far so good I think!

This is what I'm aiming for,

The Long Road Home by Paula Barnes for Red Crinoline Quilts.

I'm planning on enjoying some football, some chili, and some nice fall weather this weekend.  I hope you enjoy your weekend too!


  1. That quilt will be amazing. What a good idea to make a few inspiration blocks for encouragement on the long road to completion. I love seeing all of your projects. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Just posted what l will be doing this weekend. Your weekend sounds so much more interesting. Want to swap? LOL Though we are enjoying some nice spring weather, our footy team has this weekend off( Grand final in 2 weeks) and we have 6 couples for drinks tomorrow evening to farewell some neighbours, so doesn't sound too bad!
    Your quilt is already looking wonderful. Its on my to-do list, and l am sure watching yours grow, will certainly inspire me to get a move on!!

  3. The quilt is looking great so far.. can't wait to see it progress.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Inspiration blocks are a great idea! These are the variety of your background fabrics too!

  5. So far, so good indeed! I like your color combination in the nine-patch blocks, will contrast nicely with the neutrals.

  6. Here's another beauty in the making, Thelma. Can't wait to see more. Are you planning to make the quilt as big as the pattern suggests?

  7. Sewing this weekend? Check.
    Football? Check.
    Chili? Just found a new recipe I would like to try so Check.
    Fall weather? AS IF??

    I can live with three-out-of-four but I would have probably traded anyone of of those three for the missing fourth. Soon. :)

  8. This is going to be an amazing quilt! I don't know how I missed the pattern, but will rectify that situation right away. What a great use of a collection of varied background fabrics.

  9. You are an amazing (and prolific) quilter. The quilt is coming together so beautifully and I can't wait. Have a wonderful weekend. XOXO

  10. Just love it Thelma !

    This quilt is going to be gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful weekend !

  11. Quilt will be gorgeous when you get it done, can't hardly wait to see it - might have to give it a try! Chili...yum, might be a little warm here yet for Chili, but it sounds so good.

  12. Your "inspiration" blocks are sure pretty! Your quilt will be stunning!

  13. You said, "So far, so good, I think." I say, "So far, so good, I love it!" Inspiration blocks are yummy!

  14. I am making the same quilt! I have about 80 of the 9 patches with the borders on them, finished. I cut most of it out ahead of time and as I sew, I put them in groups of ten held together with a safety pin so I can keep track. I plan on making mine bed sized so I have a way to go. I will look forward to your progress.


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