Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tools Tuesday - Triangle in a Square Part II

So here we go, the second part of my Triangle in a Square ruler comparison.  

This is what prompted me to start purchasing triangle in a square rulers,

the sunflower blocks in this pattern, Desert Bloom.

Last week I blogged about the Quilt in a Day Triangle in a Square ruler set, 

I loved everything about these rulers except their size limitations, you can only make 3" and 4" finished blocks with this set.  To read my review of these rulers click here.  

This week I'm testing out the Tri Tool and Recs Tool ruler set by Darlene Zimmerman and Joy Hoffman for EZ Quilting.  I'm happy to report that this ruler worked out so much better than my Petal Ruler experience, which was also a Darlene Zimmerman ruler.

So here are the rulers you need to make the block.

To cut the triangle portion of the block, strips are cut the exact width of the unfinished block.

Since I'm making a 3 inch finished block, I cut my strip 3 1/2 inches wide, very easy, very straightforward.

Next you cut the outer sections of the block, these strips are also cut the same width as the unfinished block.  The like sides of the fabric must be folded together.  This is a very important step.

Another very important step is to trim that corner off the left side of the strip.

Then you align the pieces and sew.

This is a closeup shot of how to line up the pieces.  See why cutting off that corner is so important?

That top piece just fits perfectly on top of the bottom corner.

Align the second size and stitch.

Here are the two finished blocks.  The one on the left was made using the Tri Recs rulers and the one on the right was made using the Quilt in a Day rulers.  Both blocks are 3 1/2 inches, exactly.

Both blocks came out perfectly.

There is a great tutorial on the Simplicity website explaining how to make the triangle in a square block  using the Tri Recs rulers.  (click here)

I prefer the Quilt in a Day method, I think the outer edges of the Quilt in a Day ruler were easier to cut, (no corners to trim off like the Tri Recs) and I like being able to square them up to get the correct size.  So if I'm making a 3 or 4 inch finished block that's the ruler I"ll use.  But the Tri Recs was also easy to use and makes a great block in so many other sizes, so I'm keeping both sets of rulers.

Dawn, at First Light Designs, left a comment last week saying that she prefers the Deb Tucker V-Block Trimmer to make these blocks, so keep that one in mind also as you shop. 

Bottom line, there are several great rulers out there to help us with this block, I no longer have an excuse for avoiding patterns that use it, and that's a good thing!


  1. Hi Thelma! I just finished a quilt using the tri-recs rulers and loved them. They made the piecing process a whole lot easier. I am just about to start my red and white Bounce quilt...hopefully if all goes well, I'll start cutting today. See ya.

  2. I'm going to miss this feature when you're finished reviewing all your tools. I love the honest reviews. I especially liked that you compared two tools that did the same thing.

    Keep quilting!

  3. I can assure Jean(ie) that there will always be new tools out there:-D Since I am a licensed artist and can go to trade shows, it never ceases to amaze me how companies are continually coming up with something new in all fields of creativity...it's the nature of the business and keeps us all on our toes. Thank goodness for Thelma and her excellent reviews that steer us to the tools we need:-D XOXO

  4. I don't have these yet. They look quite useful! The only thing I have to be careful with is my left handedness. Sometimes rulers don't work well for me. Your photos are great. I can really check them out to see if they are doable for me.

  5. Thanks for the comparisons. I am making a quilt right now using the Tri Recs.

  6. The Tri Recs was on my Christmas list 2 years ago. My son bought it for me, and I made a potholder 49 50 or fight block the next day. He was amazed how the pieces fit together. Hhis quilt using it is in my queue. Thanks for the review!

  7. Another great review, Thelma! Guess I'll be keeping my Tri-Recs tool - don't have the other one. I beleive I have a kit put away that uses it...... now to dig it out and make some blocks while this review is fresh. Thanks bunches!!

  8. Joy Hoffman is a friend of mine and I will be seeing her tomorrow. I will tell her about your good review and the nice comments about Tri-Recs! I love this tool.

    Theresa W



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