Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Christmas Quilt . . . . . .

Here's another Christmas quilt.

This is the tenth quilt I made.

I must have bought entire bolt of that Santa fabric, have you noticed it keeps showing up? Anyway, I like this side of the quilt......

It's this side that I have a problem with. This is that Turning Twenty pattern by Tricia Cribbs. I'm not sure why I don't like it.

The fabric is cute

And I used a family of fabrics so it all goes together nicely. Maybe it's those big blocks...I just don't know......I do know this is my least favorite of all the quilts I've made.

It looks pretty good folded up here in the sunroom. Who would guess that an ugly quilt hides beneath those folds? This is the room with the red furniture.


  1. I do love the Santa fabric. I think it may be because of the panels. I've seen this in Batiks, 30's etc etc, and it really does best I think in a one type of fabric, with more traditional colour combos. I saw it in purple batiks once that really looked wonderful.
    If you did buy a bolt of that santa fabric it was a good one to buy because it is so cute.

  2. It is a cute quilt! I love the Santa is too cute.

  3. It's a sweet quilt - love he Santa fabric. Every quilt can't be a super star - there must be some that are part of the supporting cast. :-)

  4. Wise words from Darlene! Besides, your simple quilt fits in beautifully in your sun room.

  5. The santa fabric is a cute fabric for sure. It looks cute folded up on your cart. Darlene hit the nail on the head...not every quilt can be our favorite.

  6. I love your quilt. The Santa fabric is super cute...can't have too much of that one. Is that a Longaberger basket I see in the bottom picture?

  7. I like you quilt. The backing is a nice touch. You can learn from what you do not like. I would like to have a Christmas quilt myself.

  8. That fabric is just the cutest. It makes a nice display folded, even if it isn't your favorite.

  9. I don't think it is ugly at all. In fact I think it is wonderful. BUT, I'm also thinking that you don't like it because you usually do more detailed pieces. I know that after making a king sized quilt that was very detailed (and very fun) I decided to make a quilt with big easy blocks that would work up fast for the extra bedroom. Well, I hated working on it and it took me 6 months to finish a quilt top that could have been done in a day. I finally figured out that I don't like working on the easy patterns. But I am learning to enjoy them because when you work on blocks with oodles of pieces, eventually you want some 'instant gratification'. So the easier pieces are finally working their way into my projects, but they are usually smaller things like table toppers. Oh...I really did hate working on those big easy blocks though. I will never use that pattern again, LOL.


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