Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Baaaack..........

I got my quasi "Jellystone" quilt back from the quilter, just in time for holiday gift giving!

It's a quasi Jellystone quilt because I started with Miss Rosie's Jellystone pattern, but made a few small changes.

This is quilt # 49, all the details of its assembly are here.

I went with an overall stipple pattern. The backing is beige Moda flannel.

I'm still decorating but I finally have one room done!

The dinning room, Ta Da!!

The wire in this ribbon really helps give the bows a nice shape.

This little present......

Is a place card holder.....and

stores a sweet little surprise.

I received the pattern for the project I started. What a surprise, the designer and I are going about this two totally different ways! The pattern is "Oh Christmas Tree" by Farmhouse Threads. I hope to have better light for pictures so I can blog about it tomorrow.

Stay tuned.........


  1. Beautiful decorations! Love the place holder and tiny sweet treat.

    I'm working on a pattern by Farmhouse Threads, too.

    I finally blogged about my new cookie jar. LOL

  2. Love the Jellystone pattern. I recently picked it up myself to add to my growing to-be-made in 2o10 list. Yours is the first I've seen made, and it looks wonderful!

  3. What gorgeous dining room! It looks so perfect.
    I haven't done either pattern so can't wait to see.

  4. I really like your Jellystone Quilt. Beautiful fabrics as usual. Thank you for sharing your holiday decorations...especially since I haven't done much in my house. Love the tiny chocolate hidden inside the present card holder.

  5. I may have to steal your idea of tying those big bows around the backs of my dining room chairs. Do you remember about how much ribbon you needed? More than a yard for each bow?
    AND, where on earth did you find those place card holder boxes? Those are the cutest things ever! Thelma, you are killing me. I want everything you have shown!

  6. I was so excited about your decorations that I forgot to compliment you on your Jellystone quilt! It is wonderful!

  7. I love your Jellystone quilt - a lucky girl will be getting that one! Your chair bows are so cute!

  8. Holy cows Thelma, there are a million and one itty bitty squares in that tree quilt! You are a rock star to take this on! Are you using up scraps or going with a set group of fabrics?

    Your dining room looks beautiful. And your Jellystone quilt is gorgeous. Look at all those scrappy bear paw blocks. You can just look at them for hours, admiring all the different fabrics.

  9. Love the Jellystone quilt! Do you sew instead of sleep? I think you do :)
    Your dining room is gorgeous with all its Christmas decor.

  10. Your Jellystone quilt is just beautiful, I really love the pattern, and the beautiful colors. Your home is looking so festive and inviting. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your decorating. Ummm...when is dinner again? I really need a chance to 'fondle' that quilt and get a closer look at the place card holders. (good excuse don't you think?)

  11. Your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for the tip on the wired ribbon on the dining room chairs; I love the idea.

  12. The quilt is gorgeous. It looks a lot like my Bear Paw that hangs in my living room. Cooper is sure a cutie.

  13. I love the jellystone quilt. I've always love bear paw quilts and this one is so unique. Love it!


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