Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tree Update and Mail Call . . . . .

I'm squeezing in a little sewing every chance I get.

I could not be happier with the first 5 rows of "Oh Christmas Tree". Only 68 more to go!

My row/bargello method of piecing this quilt is working out great.

The pattern called for one fabric as the background, I'm going scrappy and am pleased with my decision.

After I got the first 5 rows together, I decided instead of using a solid fabric for the border per the pattern, I would add more 1 1/2 inch squares with a scrappy red zig zag pattern. So now I'm making red and cream strip sets.

This quilt will have almost 5,000 squares. I don't think I've ever made a quilt using such small pieces but I really like it. And it's easy, but don't get easy confused with fast, it's not fast, but I'll take easy.

I've had a couple of amazing mail days. I won these lovely things for posting a comment on Rene's 50th post on her blog Rene Creates.

She sent some Thimbleberries charm packs, some great red fabric and some cards that Rene made herself. I already raided the charm packs of their greens, I was really needing some greens for "Oh Christmas Tree" and these were a perfect match.

Isn't this the coolest card, it matches Rene's blog. Go check out how she got them.

Rene also sent THIS!!

It's the first time I've seen this, how perfect is that, a cupcake calender!

Here it is, all ready for the new year. Thank You so much Rene.

I also got a box of goodies from Allyson at Fat Cat Quilts. Allyson and Nicole are hosting the Red and White Snowball Challenge. I finished my challenge top before Thanksgiving, making me the first one done.

Allyson sent all these goodies for finishing first! I vaguely remember Allyson mentioning prizes as part of the challenge, but I didn't expect to win all this!! The ornament in the upper right says "Alaska". This is the first ornament on my tree from Alaska. I'll think of Allyson every year when I decorate the tree.

I put my "Quilting Queen" sign right here, for everyone to see first thing.

Have you ever seen chocolate letters? I hate to eat it, it's so cute. I guess I could eat the chocolate and save the box! That's as close to getting something with my name on it as I'll get!

Allyson, thank you so much. I feel like a double winner, to have my quilt done and to get all these wonderful things.


  1. I LOVE this quilt!! And it definately is not for the faint of heart! I can't wait to see your progress!

  2. That's going to be a great looking tree quilt! And knowing you, it'll be done by the weekend. Your sign should say Quilting Machine instead of Quilting Queen!

  3. You've been a lucky girl. The quilt really is coming along beautifully.
    The letters you can get at a lot of the stores up here. My uncle gives all his nieces and nephews one with $20 in the box.

  4. What a lucky girl! You got some fun goodies. I love your Tree quilt - I think you've done a fabulous job so far! I can't wait to see that red border come together.

  5. I like your idea for the red zigzag border. Are you also going to do the applique holly leaves in the border? I think you could go either way with them.

  6. I love your Tree quilt - it's going to be beautiful. Love that you are doing a scrappy background and the checkboard border is a delightful touch.

  7. Your tree quilt is coming together nicely. I love how you're making the background scrappy. Great use of all those extra creams and off-whites you had leftover from your snowball quilt. And I really like the little interjection of red squares on the tree every so often. Ornaments. I'll be watching for more...

  8. Your tree quilt is turning out beautifully!!! Love where you placed your Cupcake Calendar. I have never seen chocolate letters!!!! I say eat the chocolate and save the box. The Quilting Queen is very appropriate!! Great goodies to get in the mail right before Christmas.


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