Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmas Time in the City . . . . .

Yesterday I did the big grocery store stop. You know the stop, where you're in the store forever looking for items that you only buy once a year and don't remember where they were last year, let alone where they've moved to this year....yes that stop. So anyway, I'm going up and down the aisles, marking things off my list when I get to the dairy section. "Eggnog", that's what's on my list. Eggnog has been on my mind since Halloween, that's when my favorite brand showed up in my dairy case. Now I don't want to spoil eggnog for the innocent by revealing the details of the nutritional label, suffice it to say that there's a good reason why it tastes so delicious and why I don't need to be drinking a quart of it every week. So for 8 weeks I've been looking at my eggnog in the dairy case saying, "See ya Christmas"..... Only yesterday there was no eggnog!! All gone, already bought and consumed by everyone in town but me! Oh well, it's not like someone's going to look at my chubby cheeks and say, "Thelma, you need some eggnog". But I'll be missing my glass of cheer, on the rocks, with a little nutmeg sprinkled on top. Rest assured I'll be drinking eggnog on Halloween next year!

OK, the Christmas tour is winding down at my house, here's my last Christmas Village vignette that I call "Christmas in the City"

This is a hustling, bustling town. It even has Starbucks just in case you need a little caffeine to help you with your hustle.

Here's some folks moving in on Christmas Eve, they have a red couch!!
What town doesn't have a movie theater and friendly firemen.

Santa's brother is even selling Christmas trees. (Santa was downtown, didn't you see him)

Here's some little ones all decked out in their Christmas pageant finery.

Here's the view from the blimp........

I hope you all enjoy your Eve of Christmas Eve and get everything done so you can start enjoying this happy time of year.

Don't forget, if you have time tomorrow stop back by, I'll be posting my progress on "Oh Christmas Tree". I was able to squeeze in a little more time in my sewing room yesterday.


  1. What a delightful scene. I had to laugh when I saw the red couch. So very appropriate for your village. Thanks for the view from the 'blimp' too. Wonderful!

  2. You should charge admission for people to see all your Christmas decorations Thelma! That village collection of yours is incredible.
    My plan is to do "that grocery store trip" today. Heaven help me if I leave anything off the list! I sure do not want to venture out tomorrow!

  3. Your little Christmas Village is so sweet! I enjoyed my visit there.

  4. Seriously, you should have tours of your beautifully decorated home! Sorry to hear about the egg nog, don't you hate when that happens? I've sent hubby to the store today with my long grocery list, so hopefully all I have to do is the cooking!

  5. Maybe Santa will have a little extra eggnog in his sleigh!!! You've been a good girl...I'm sure you deserve a little reward. Thanks for sharing more Christmas Village pictures. With us flying into Montana on Christmas Eve, I got out of the big grocery store stop. I am having someone do the shopping for me. How spoiled is that? Of course, it's not the same..there will be something missing or a different brand...but overall, it is wonderful!!! Enjoy your Christmas holidays. My internet access is hit or miss. (In West Palm Beach in a Barnes and Noble at the moment...waiting for soccer game to start.) I'll pop by as I can. Merry Christmas!!!

  6. This is why I take the hit of extra calories drinking it up as soon as it hits the shelf, because when I went today...NO EGGNOG. So my hips don't like it but I sure do lol

    I love your town so much. It is just gorgeous!

  7. Your town is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Merry, Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Sorry you missed out on the eggnog. I never cared for it myself. It tastes like fermented bubble gum to me. If I had some, I would be sure to share.

    I have really enjoyed your holiday decorations. Man alive, you must need a whole room in your house to store it all for the other eleven months of the year. Incredible. Don't you love when your normal decorations go so well with your holiday decorations? The red couch is perfect for Christmas. I've always wanted to paint my living room a rusty burnt orange. (Believe me, whatever color you're imagining right now is NOT what I have in mind. lol) but I would worry so much about it clashing with the Christmas decor.

    Can't wait to see more of your tree quilt tomorrow. I'm working on my round robins and my little Tuffet. It's more like a Tufflet, if you ask me. Teeny tiny cuteness!


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