Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Look Back at 2009 . . . . . .

I'm just wrapping up my 5th year of quilting. For the last several years I've written down a list of quilting activities that I would like to accomplish during a given year. Goals are really too strong of a word, more like a list of things to keep in mind or try to accomplish as I progress through the year. It's a fluid list, if not on paper than in my mind.

Here's the list I wrote down this time last year, exactly what I wrote down:

1. Learn something new each month.
Right off the bat this one totally cracks me up, so once a month I'm supposed to learn something new, something quilt related, what if I learned something new twice in one month, oh no, I learned too much. I think what I was really trying to say and will have on my 2010 list is to be open to try new things and take advantage of learning opportunities as they become available. But the bottom line is that I DID learn so much this year, about myself, others, and quilting.

2. Keep quilt journal.
This I did do, but not as well as I could have. I wrote down lessons learned from each project, the pattern name and finished size, and the date I started and date I finished the quilt top, and who quilted the top. Next year, in addition to the information above, I would also like to keep track of the fabric I used, if I used a family of fabric, the number of pieces in the quilt top, and the actual number of hours logged, not just the span of days.

3. Add piping to one project
This I did not do. Not so much because I didn't want to, but I just never made anything that I thought could use some piping. But making some Tuffets is high on my list for 2010 and I think that would be a good place to start, on something small like that.

4. Look at a quilt book every week.
I didn't look at a quilt book every week, but I did go through all the pattern books that I do have at least once this year. Some books were marked with projects I liked at some point but that did not appeal to me now. I also marked new patterns. I wrote the date in the front flap of each book so I would know the last time I looked through it. The main point of this statement was to be aware of the patterns that were at my fingertips and not to go out and buy a bunch of new books. I only bought 3 new pattern books this year, 2 were for baby quilts and one other.

5. Keep up with new magazines.
I meant quilt magazines, but I was not specific in my goal. I have 2 unread magazines at this point, so I've done pretty good. One thing I did learn is that I don't enjoy the magazines as much as I did when I first started quilting. Everything was new in the beginning, now they all seem to be the same, "fast and easy". I've let 2 subscriptions lapse but am sticking with one subscription, which is enough, and should be easy for me to keep up with.

6. Log time in sewing room.
I marked my calendar when I started and finished a project, that's it. I think tracking the time I spend in my sewing room on a project would be interesting, I need to work on that in 2010.

7. Use Red batik fabric.
I bought some lovely red on red batik fabric in 2008 and was hoping to find the perfect two color pattern for my fabric, I did not.

8. Make 2008 quilt book on snapfish.
I thought it would be neat to have a book of all the quilts I made in 2008. I'm over that.

9. Complete 12 quilt tops
I completed 12, possibly 13, depending on when I finish up "Oh Christmas Tree", it's going to be close.

10. Sew a quilt for each brother.
This I did do, Quilt # 40 went to my baby brother and Quilt # 21 went to my older brother. I also made a quilt for each of my nieces.

11. Make a civil war quilt.
This goal really pertains to some pink and brown civil war fabric that I have in my closet but have not used. I did not use it 2009 but I did make "North and South" for my Mom for her birthday so I met this goal because it was poorly written. Oh well!

12. Make a star quilt.
When I was reviewing my patterns the beginning of 2009, I noticed that I had a huge percentage of patterns with stars in them, but had never made a top with stars! This year I made two quilts with stars, "Vanilla Stars" which I've yet to blog about and "One Star Two Star Red Star Blue Star, my October Schnibbles.

13. Make a throw for me.
I did not make a throw for me to use but I did take Quilt #3 out of the closet and start using it. I love it, what was I waiting for!

14. Make Harmonic Convergence Quilt
This I did, it is Quilt # 45.

So those were my "goals" and I did pretty good, but here are some things that I accomplished that weren't on my list:
1. Made my first baby quilt.
2. Started my first block of the month.
3. Created my first UFO - Faceted Jewels.
4. Participated in my first on-line challenge - Red and Cream Snowball Challenge, aka "He Knows When You Are Sleeping.
5. Bought my first family of fabric with no pattern in mind - William Morris Workshop (goal for 2010 find pattern for William Morris Workshop fabric!)
6. Started my blog - my biggest and most fulfilling task of the year. It's been time consuming but the rewards of meeting so many new quilting friends have surpassed my wildest expectations. I made 3 quilts that I love and never would have made if it weren't for my blog. Thanks to all of you for helping me make 2009 such a successful, fun, and fulfilling year.

Tomorrow, 2010 "goals" !


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! Seeing your Snowball Challenge quilt inspired me to make one for myself. I'm still collecting fabrics, but it will get made at some point (hmmm, a 2010 goal for me?)

  2. I have all that William Morris fabric too. How about it if we find a pattern together and challenge each other to finish up our quilts?

  3. And I am so very happy for "meeting" you this year. Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

  4. It's fun to see how many of your goals you get to cross off the list! When you started to name the things you did that were not on the list, the first thing I thought of was "you started your blog!" Glad to see that it was one of the highlights of your year! Happy new year, my friend!

  5. Thelma, I like how you acknowledge so many of the new things you've accomplished/learned this year. I can tell you're really enjoying your quilting endeavors. I'm sure we'll see many wonderful things from you in 2010. Your blog is already a winner!

  6. My goal for 2010 is to find the list of goals I made for 2009! Ha! Happy New Year Thelma - I hope 2010 is a year of creativity and joy for you!

  7. OMG

    I hope one of your goals for 2010 is for more Cooper pics!


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