Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning . . . . .

We had the nicest Christmas. We leave our decorations up until January 1st so the time between Christmas and New Years day is a relaxing time for our family. We eat leftovers, stay in our PJs until noon, go to the movie, and just enjoy our time together as a family.

We are a very lucky family, every year we say, "That was the nicest Christmas ever", and every year we mean it.

Cooper had the nicest Christmas ever too.

"I love getting presents......"

"What could possibly be in this box ......"

"I don't care, the outside tastes great ........."

"Squirrels in a log............I Love Squirrels........"

"Just what I wanted .........."

Tomorrow I'm going to review the quilting goals I made for 2009.......goals is a strong word, they were more like guidelines!!


  1. Your Christmas celebration tradition sounds absolutely perfect. I believe it should be a time to just relax and enjoy family. The pictures of Cooper are delightful. Thank you for sharing, there is not better way to start your morning that seeing or hearing something from friends or family that put a smile on your face. Thank you Thelma and enjoy the rest of the season. Hope your New Year is filled with joy and love. I also need to take time to set my quilting goals, a perfect way to kick off the 2010, get organized!!!

  2. Lokks like Cooper hit the jackpot! He must have been a very good boy this year!
    I didn't leave the house yesterday, and it was a terrific feeling.

  3. Cooper is adorable! You're absolutely right...that week between Christmas and New Year's is wonderful. Calm and relaxed. All of December should be so nice.

  4. Aw - cute little Cooper, opening his presents! Glad you had such a nice Christmas. I'm anxious to see how much you accomplished of your 2009 goals, but knowing you, you exceeded your own expectations!

  5. Glad you had a merry Christmas, Coop. May 2010 be the best year ever for you.

  6. It looks like Cooper was very good this year. He is too cute. Have a Happy New Year!


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