Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hometown Christmas . . . . . .

The Christmas quilt for my bed is out of the closet and on display. It's Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas by Lynette Jensen.

Right after I "graduated" from my beginner quilting class, the quilt shop offered this quilt as a 12 month class. When I asked about signing up for the class the shop owner said she didn't think I was experienced enough. I know that sounds a little harsh, but I really respected the fact that she didn't want me to take on more than I could handle. She could have just taken my money and after some convincing she did. The only thing that quilt owner knew about me was that I was a new quilter, she didn't know that when someone tells me I can't do something, that just motivates me to not only do it, but do it well. Since I was new to quilting, and didn't really have much in the way projects, I decided to make 3 of these quilts. One for me, my folks, and my daughter. I figured if I didn't make the block right the first time, maybe I would get it right the second or third time.

Luckily for me, this was not a hard quilt to make, and the pattern directions were great. My quilt is Quilt # 13, my folks quilt is Quilt # 14, and my daughter's quilt is Quilt # 15.

This block is my favorite, and not just because it was the last one!

When I go into a quilt shop, these Thimbleberries fabrics don't jump out at me like some family of fabrics, but I can't imagine any other fabric working better for this pattern.

I had enough fabric left over for a 4th quilt! But I'd had enough, so with the help of my quilt club we used the leftovers to make this quilt for an auction for the local hospice organization. Each member made a block and another member assembled it.

Speaking of the number 13,

that's how many mail order catalogs came in today's mail! A new household record. And yes, my mailman does hate me.


  1. Wow, three quilts was quite an undertaking but I can well imagine how proud you felt when you were finished. I think Thimbleberries patterns are perfect for a beginner - I did lots when I first started quilting. Excellent instructions.

    The one for auction is beautiful, as well.

    Oh my that's alot of catalogs - fun browsing and window shopping without leaving your comfy chair. LOL

  2. WOW. You are good. I especially love the one you made for hospice. I've never done a thimbleberries but yours looks so nice and warm. I'm awed by how quickly you picked up on everything, you have a geat learning curve.

  3. You are amazing! Three quilts! I love it..and to think you were not experienced enough : ) I love Thimbleberries fabrics.
    And the catalogs - that looks like my mail! lol

  4. It is just beautiful - and look at you - three of them!?!! Awesome. I think you're right about the Thimbleberies fabrics - they are just perfect for that pattern. Hope you have visions of sugarplums throughout the holidays while sleeping under it. Take care.....piece.

  5. Wow - I can see where the shop owner might have gently persuaded you not to join that 12 month project - it looks really complicated, but boy did you prove her wrong (times 3!!) What a beautiful pattern and 3 gorgeous quilts! I love that present block, too.

  6. Thelma, I just love how you make quilts in groups of two or three! Not only is it incredibly productive, but it just cracks me up. I have always admired this quilt, but have never been inspired to take it on myself. Yours, of course, is beautiful. But I really have to say, I love your bed frame! I love that tall headboard.

  7. Thelma, you are just amazing. You never do things by half do you?
    Some of my first quilts were Thimbleberries too. I made a little sampler quilt that had a block for each month of the year. It was such fun to make.

  8. Can you order that dog in one of the catalogs? He's pretty cute!

  9. The thing that got me drooling was not the quilts (although they're gorgeous). It was the FANNIE MAY catalog! Growing up in Illinois, we knew no other candy. I was amazed when we moved to Oklahoma that no one had heard of it and was heartbroken when I couldn't get any. Luckily for me now, we can get it shipped to us, but for many years we had to rely on our yearly grandparent's visit to bring us our supply. I am drooling now thinking of those vanilla buttercreams...hmmm...guess I'll have to visit their website! Hope you enjoy some Fannie May's for the holidays!

  10. wOw! Can't believe you made 3 of these and then a fourth!!!



  11. Great Thimbleberries quilts....ALL of them. That quilt lady didn't know who she was talking to do, did she???!!! Love it.


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