Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back To Faceted Jewels . . . . .

When I'm not working on Schnibbles, I'm working on "Faceted Jewels" by Glad Creations. This is the first time I've juggled multiple projects, I'm usually a "start to finish" kind of girl.

Here's the picture from the pattern and what I'm hoping I have when I'm done.

The pattern is made up of two different styles of blocks. In September I worked on making all the parts for block one. Once I finished my October Schnibbles I jumped right in on making the pieces for block two.

Today I made around 100 half square triangles. I LOVE half square triangles. It's probably my favorite block . I make them bigger then square them up to the perfect size. I once mentioned this to a fellow quilter and she said she never made hers bigger! WHAT!! Isn't it funny how we all have our own way of doing things.

Isn't this a happy picture, perfect blocks with all their trimmings.

Isn't this a happier picture? I also LOVE Coke, I allow myself one real Coke a day. I start wanting it around 10:30 but make myself wait until 2:30, or at least 1. Unless I'm having pizza for dinner, then I save it to go with the pizza. I can't eat pizza without Coke, which means I have to plan in advance when I'm having pizza so I don't use my Coke. ( I know, so many rules at my house!)
Isn't this an even happier picture? Half square triangles, their trimmings, real Coke AND Coconut m&m's!!
Have you seen these where you live? They are a limited edition! If you like m&m's and coconut you must try these!! I'm down to a couple of packages, I save them for my special Tuesday sewing day.

Tuesday is my special sewing day because Cooper goes to doggy daycare, giving me a day free of walking, chasing, and entertaining him.
Cooper must have had a good day too, he came home, ate dinner and went to bed.


  1. I have never heard of doggy daycare? And coconut M&M's - not in South Africa. Nope! Although I would love them.

  2. Coconut M&Ms? Be still my heart. I've never seen them! (drool)

  3. I've never seen Cocunut M&M's but I want them, I will be scouring the stores to be sure! I really do envy your organization, I really wish I could be like that sometimes :)

  4. Coconut M&M's...YUM!!! I have to pass on the Coke though...I guess I am too used to the taste of Diet Caffeine Free Coke. You have such willpower though to limit your Coke, sweets and quilt projects!!! Good for you. My dog Max also goes to doggy day care...on Wednesdays...mainly so he won't attack the cleaning lady. Maybe I'll post a picture of my attack dog will laugh when you see him.

    I love your new quilt project. I haven't tried your technique of half square triangles...seems like a good way to square them up. Thanks for sharing that tip.

  5. I have not seen the cocoanut M&Ms.... where around here did you find them? Or did you pick them up while traveling?

    Such a LOVELY coaster that Coke is sitting on......

  6. I agree about the 1 Coke a day rule, and saving it for pizza. I did that last night! Where did you get you coconut M&Ms? I would love to get some.


  7. I think Cooper is cuter than coconut M&M's!

  8. i trim my HSTs too--'cos i'm not very accurate! have you ever tried Coke Zero? it's diet coke but tastes a lot like the real thing. i still limit myself to one coke zero per day though :-) oh and want to also add that i really like your schnibbles quilt--i love Miss Rosie patterns but wasn't crazy about that one 'cos i don't like medallion quilts--so i really like how you made yours bigger and took away the medallion feel to it. good job!

  9. Doggie day care! what a great idea. I think I'll look for one for Sophie. She won't let me sew for more than 30 minutes at a time, if that. If I stay in the sewing room too long, she comes up and starts nudging me and if I don't get up, she'll start barking really loud at me. Yep, I'm in the market for a good doggie day care center.


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