Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Follow-up .....

I've had a very productive and enjoyable sewing week. Thanks to all the folks who stopped by to read my blog.

I think having a plan kept me focused and motivated to make the most of the time I had in my sewing room.

I pieced all the parts of block #1 for my Faceted Jewels project.

Which is the perfect stopping place while I start working on this....

Cindy Lou Who is the Schnibbles pattern for October for the folks participating in a Year of Schnibbles . In all honesty, I was disappointed when I saw what pattern had been picked. There are so many Miss Rosie patterns that I LOVE and was hoping one of those would be chosen. At first glance this pattern did not appeal to me. I went ahead and ordered the pattern, thinking, while I may not like the pattern, maybe I could do something with it that would appeal to me. I'm so glad I did. This pattern is wonderful, I never would have chosen this pattern, but now that I've studied it, I think it will make an amazing quilt. It's all in the details, details that were hard for me to discern from the small photo posted on-line.

I'm going to add a couple of blocks to the length and width so mine will look more like the pattern on the left. I'm also going to change colors. I'm not going with a family of fabric but instead I'm going with scraps, leftover from another project, which was scrappy. So this project will be really scrappy.

I have company coming this weekend so I won't get to start cutting and sewing until my sewing day, next Tuesday. I'm eager to get started.

On another note....see those little pink cylinders on my cutting mat? They're weights!!

I saw them in the notions section of a quilt shop, they caught my eye because they were pink. I had never read or heard other quilters mention using them but I thought if nothing else, they'll look cute setting on my shelves. Do you have them? They are wonderful, I use them all the time. They keep material from sliding off my table when I'm cutting and they keep long or wide quilt pieces on my table while I'm sewing. So they look cute and serve a useful purpose.

Tomorrow I'm going to a local quilt show with a couple of friends. I hope to have some good pictures to show next week....or am I allowed to post pictures from a show? This blogging thing is new to me, are there rules about this kind of thing? I guess I better ask the people running the show. I may have pictures but not be able to show them! Stay tuned!!!


  1. I too was disappointed but that other photo has me more excited now. I'm still waiting on my pattern.
    I know a LOT of bloggers post pics of shows so I wouldn't think it's a problem, its publicity for most places.
    The Jewel Box is going to look fantastic!

  2. I have a set of those little weights from my dressmaking days... mine are sadly just white.... but they are useful, aren't they! I also have a set of stainless steel ones, in case I'm feeling industrial while industrious!

    I think the new Schnibbles pattern looks great! A simple idea of nine patches and snowball blocks, kicked up a notch with fabric placement... very creative!

    And of course, I'm amazed by how organized you are! Your new quilt will be as stunning as your previous quilts!

  3. I love all your neat little stacks and organized pieces ready and waiting for assembly. That is how I HAVE to work on a project, even the small ones. Getting everything cut out and all the HSTs, QSTs, Flying Geese...basically anything that has to be put together before I can lay out the quilt on my design board. I enjoy the entire process but when I get to the point that you are at right now, it is so satisfying to just reach for the piece you need and watch the beautiful treasure come together. I can't wait to see the finished project, I know it will be beautiful.

  4. Are you one of those gals who has to make every quilt bigger? lol I love your enlarged version of Cindy Lou Who and can't wait to see it in your color choices. Have fun at the quilt show - they are always so inspiring and the best part - the VENDOR MALL! (Spoken like a true Fabric Junkie!)

  5. I need more pics of Cooper!

  6. By looking at your stacks of pieces, I am sure your jewel quilt will be gorgeous. Such beautiful colors. Until doing the blog thing, I had never heard of Schnibbles. They look like a lot of fun. I am anxious to see how it looks with scraps. I have not seen the pink weights, but if I had, I would have picked up a few. Great idea. Enjoy your quilt show. Lucky!

  7. Now I wish I had more fabric to make my Cindy Lou Who bigger! How did you do that picture on the left of your enlarged version? That is going to be a show-stopper!

  8. oooh, I like the idea of making your Schnibbles bigger. I was thinking about my Year of Schnibbles endeavor on my ferry ride home and thought how fun it will be to have a neat and tidy little stack of twelve 36" square quilts when I'm finished. Can't wait to see more of your Faceted Jewels. Your batiks are yummy.


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