Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tomorrow is Another Day .......

I always create my blog entries the evening before they post. It's called a scheduled post, very clever, these blog sites. Anyway, after getting a goodnight's sleep, and reading my post for today, I thought it sounded whiny and complainingly boring....not something anyone who drops by should have to read, so I deleted it.

Hopefully my hormones will get their proper balance, and I'll have something interesting and a little more positive to blog about tomorrow!!

Thanks for understanding.


  1. No worries!!! Should be fun, right? Hope you have a great day and feel better.

  2. it's your blog. Be whiny if you want to ;)
    It is kind of like the diary, you really shouldn't pull pages later. LOL

  3. I support the occassional whiny day! It's a good excuse to eat more chocolate cake than you should and to spend the day shuffling around in your pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers. Hope things are sunnier tomorrow.

  4. Darn, now I am getting caught up on my blog reading, and see I missed the whole thing!


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