Friday, October 16, 2009

Twins, But Not Identical Twins .........

After I had been piecing quilts for about a year, my daughter and I popped into Quilts Plus, a quilt shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was probably my first real quilt shop, with kits, projects on the walls, fat quarter bundles and all the neat things that make a quilter want to spend some money. I was overwhelmed.

My daughter saw this quilt hanging on the wall and said, "can you make me that quilt". Without hesitation I said, "sure". So we bought the pattern. It's called "Myths of Avalon"

Now up until this point I had made 10 throws/quilts. All but one had been made out of differing combinations of split rail or 9 patch blocks, the blocks I learned how to make in my class. The one that wasn't one of those two blocks was a "Turning Twenty" pattern, so I really hadn't challenged myself.

Now, before I go any further, I would like to state for the record that I have no idea why this quilt is named "Myths of Avalon". According to what I could find on the internet, Avalon is a mythical isle in England. OK, so what does that have to do with this quilt pattern? The designer of this quilt, Christiane Meunier does not say.

I have a few patterns by Miss Rosies Quilt Company, and while her patterns do have names that are a little out there, she always explains how she came up with the name. Thank You Carrie!!

This pattern is in this book, "A Few of My Favorite Scrap Quilts".

I liked this pattern so well, I figured while I was at it I would make one for myself and my daughter. I started in January 2006. I worked on these quilts for a good two months. It was a challenge for me, I cut off geese tips left and right and didn't even know any better! But in the end, this is still one of my favorites, and for some reason, those missing tips don't bother me at all.

The reason these quilts are twins, but not identical twins, is that I put sashing one one quilt, the one for my daughter, exactly like the pattern. For mine, the blocks were pieced without sashing, creating an interesting secondary pattern.

Here is mine, no shashing. It has an overall quilting design.

This one is my daughter's, with sashing. It hangs on her wall in her apartment in California. When I asked her to take a picture for me to use in this post, she said, "I just can't imagine living here without that quilt on the wall". It has a custom quilting job that is fantastic.

Mine lives here, in the sunroom on this little love seat. These twins live 1800 miles apart.

These are quilts #11 and #12.


  1. Both quilts are beautiful! I love the twins.

  2. So sad that you and your daughter are geographically so far apart. You did an amazing job with both quilts. I like that you have a mother/daughter pair. I love the one you did for yourself without the sashing. Gives it a very unique look.

  3. LOVE THOSE QUILTS! I would love to make that pattern someday, it has all of my favorite elements!

  4. I saw this in blue and white and fell right in love with it. I've had the pattern in my "someday" pile for quite a while. Yours are stunning. I think I prefer the no sashing over the one with the sashing. I like how the HST's line up side by side to make flying geese. Very well done! And how fun for you and your daughter to have matching quilts.

  5. I love my quilt. Thank you mama!

  6. As I was reading your post and loving this quilt, I kept thinking "Thank God I don't have this pattern because I would want to have this quilt". Then when you showed the picture of the book the pattern came from - yikes I have this book!!! Now my mind is just reeling................

  7. They are beautiful. You jumped from easy quilts to a relatively more complicated pattern and did a great job!!

  8. Oh, goodness, those are gorgeous twins! Good job! And I especially love the comment your daughter made about hers. Reading that was a read "awwww" moment!

  9. I do love to see a quilt used on the back of a sofa. That quilt is the perfect accent for your red loveseat! What a great look. I can't believe you made that difficult looking quilt not once but twice!

  10. I love feathered star quilts. Especially in red!


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