Monday, October 26, 2009

More Fall Fun . . . . . . .

We had a busy but nice weekend. Look at my tree........

It seems to be changing right before my eyes.

I was so busy watching that tree that I almost missed this...
my burning bushes turned and started dropping their leaves before I even noticed.
They are around back and I rarely even look out those windows. I'm glad I didn't miss it all, they are my favorites.

This is my other halloween quilt. I made this one and another one for a girlfriend.

They are quilts #26 and #27.

I don't think this pattern has a name. It's one of those patterns that makes the rounds at quilt guilds and shops with everyone putting their own spin on it. You start with a five sided block, any size or dimension you like, then you add one inch strips around the block until you get a size you like. I went with 12 inches finished. Then you set the blocks how you like. Maybe I should name it "How You Like".

Here's a sampling of the quilting, it has a little bit of everything going on.

You know how I like to use every possible bit of fabric, here's the back.

The quilt is hanging over the bannister for this month.

The fabric is by Maywood and is called "Happy Halloween". If you like this fabric, Lisa at Stashmaster has some for sale, go check it out under Stash Sale Part One.

Saturday morning was Cooper's halloween party at doggy daycare. Cooper decided he wanted to be a football player instead of Garfield. He's a Colt's fan.

They had fabulous decorations and treats for all the animals, two and four legged.

Look, Cooper found another Colts fan at the party!


  1. Cooper sure knows how to pick a good football team. Hope you enjoyed the game. I love your Halloween quilt!!! Great blocks....lucky friend!!

  2. Look at your cutie pie doggy! Love seeing your trees turn. Fall is my favorite time of year because of all the beautiful colors.

  3. I don't think Cooper likes being on that hay bale... but he sure is a cute football playing. Is he Panting Manning? or Peyton Dogging? wow those were bad....

  4. And i think he has some poodle in him!

  5. Cooper is a trouper, that's for sure. Your fall colors are beautiful. This is my favorite time of year. Another wonderful halloween quilt. I like the muted, non-traditional colors. Very fallish and cozy.


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