Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Last of Challenge - 2008.......

Here are the last of the pictures of projects my quilt guild made. If you have not read my blog for the last couple of days, go back to Tuesday's post for the scoop.

The meeting night of the big reveal was a potluck supper. Not only can this group sew but they can cook!

I like how this project divides the fabrics into lights and darks.

I think this person figured the less she used of each fabric, the better off she would be. I think this is adorable and very clever. The fabric I exchanged is that itsy bitsy inner border!

This person had the same philosophy as me, the more background fabric you use the less you notice how different the fabrics are. This was perfectly pieced, hand quilted, and amazing!

A nice table runner, I like the red, but you know me and red!

Hard to go wrong with flying geese.

Here's the group, all happy from eating such a great meal, and proud of all the hard work everyone put it on their projects.

We had one member show up in her street clothes with no project, but she swore she was going to sleep in those clothes, and we could come over to check. (see rule #4) We're a pretty amiable group, and she's a charter member, so we let her slide.


  1. I still think I like yours the best, but those are all great projects.

  2. the tuplip one was cool!

  3. I love the third photo with a lot of white background fabric, very sweet.

  4. They are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing. i especially love the flowers in the pot and the stars.

  5. Amazing to see the creativity that resides in every person when put to the test. What a fun project for your group.


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