Monday, October 12, 2009

Quilt Show..........

Last Friday I went to a local quilt show with a couple of girlfriends. I had the nicest day. The show was small but the quilts were presented nicely and the event well organized. It wasn't until I got home and downloaded my pictures that I realized I spent more time looking and talking than getting good pictures. Here are a few I did get.

This quilt won best of show. It was very well done.

Someone did an excellent job of cutting out all those star pieces on this quilt very precisely.

This is a poor picture of this quilt, but this block is one of my favorites. I've yet to make a top using this block but seeing this quilt really motivates me to keep this quilt in mind as a future project. I really like making half square triangles, I always make mine bigger then square them up so they start out perfect. I also like the color choices for this quilt. The floral border pulled it all together, but I didn't get a good picture of it, sorry.

This quilt was unlike anything I had ever seen before. You could stare at this quilt all day and continually find cute little accents that would amaze you. This quilt is made up of 12 inch blocks that are pieced and appliqued. The fabric selected for the pieced sections is what really made this quilt. Not only were the selections perfect, like stone fabric for the bridges, they were proportional to the item being depicted.

Here's a close-up of one block. See the little long johns and quilts on the clothesline? This quilt took 3rd in its category. I would like to be a mouse in the judge's pocket to hear how they decide what makes a first place quilt versus one that does not place at all.

Looky here, this quilt should look familiar to folks who have visited my blog before. Yes, I got a blue ribbon in the baby quilt division for my baby girl quilt, even though it was hung upside down!

After the show we went to a nice little restaurant for lunch and finished up by splitting a piece of carrot cake 3 ways, because that's what girlfriend do!


  1. What Thelma didn't say was that she won SEVEN ribbons at the show. Congratulations!

  2. OR that more than ten percent of the quilts at the show were hers, or that 77% of the quilts she entered won ribbons!

    Thanks for a fun day!

  3. Congratulations Thelma on your ribbon! (Ribbons?) And thanks for sharing those pictures. The applique quilt was incredible.

  4. Congrats on ALL the ribbons, and it sounds like you had a ball which is even better!

  5. why was the quilt upside down?

  6. Congratulations on the ribbons! Thanks for sharing the pics of the quilts. The applique quilt is stunning! I wonder how long it took to make it.
    And by the way your comment on my quilt - I love the book and would love to make several. There are quilts for every season in it.

  7. Hey Girlfriends, don't you know, What happens at the quilt show STAYS at the quilt show!!

  8. Thelma, congratulations on your blue ribbon! And thanks for sharing your quilt pictures with us. I always enjoy seeing virtual quilt shows.

  9. Wowee - congratulations on your ribbons! That's quite an accomplishment to be proud of!


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