Thursday, October 22, 2009

My First Halloween Quilt . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is my first Halloween quilt. I made this quilt in the fall of 2005. I also made one for my folks and my daughter, they are quilts #5, #6, and #7.

This pattern is called "Sticks and Stones and Nine Patches" and is by Marti Michell from her "Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt" book.

This quilt is made up of split rail and 9 patch blocks, the two blocks I learned to make in my beginning quilting class. I made 3 of these because I was a beginner and didn't have much direction on what to make, so when I found something I could make, I made multiples.

The fabric is by Moda, "Bittersweet and Boo".

The quilting is an overall stipple design.

I used my leftovers for the back.

If you like the panels and fabric go check out Lisa's blog at Stashmaster - Stash Sale - Last of It. She is selling all the makings for a quilt similar to this or a real cute Halloween Irish chain pattern.

I can't believe how much my tree has changed in just a couple of days! Almost all the leaves have started to turn.


  1. That is a super cute Halloween quilt. I love that you have finished so many of your quilts! I wish I had that in me lol.

  2. I REALLY like your Halloween quilt. As you know, I'm somewhat partial to the holiday. I'm amazed that this was one of your earliest quilts; actually, this is the first quilt of yours I ever saw, and it marked the beginning of our friendship!

    p.s. I also LOVE the way you do the backs of your quilts!

  3. Your tree has such pretty yellow leaves!!! What a view!!! I love your Halloween quilt. Are those center blocks fussy cut? Love them. Your quilt backing is just as pretty as the front!! You've made quite a few quilts!! Like that you number them. I'm afraid if I did that, I'd realize I'm really not that productive ;-))

  4. Love your Halloween quilt. I haven't done any seasonal pieces yet but am getting close to being caught up to the point I can start. I was thinking maybe a table topper for each season since I already have the fabrics. Next year maybe a wall hanging or two. Did you do your own stippleing? It looks beautiful and I'm trying so hard to get the hang of it so that I can to all but the largest quilts myself. I did it on one table topper and it went beautifully but I lost the touch and can't find it again, LOL. The back is absolutely beautiful too, it's like a reversable quilt.

  5. You are so inspiring! The quilts are beautiful! The back is as pretty as the front. You are an amazing quilter.

  6. Wow - what a great use of that panel. I love the back too!

  7. Happy Halloween - my favorite holiday! What fun to see your quilts today, and be able to go back and see the detail and backing shots. You do some fabulous work - thanks for showing us these!


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