Friday, October 2, 2009

Snuggled Down .............

This is quilt #40, I made it in January and just got it back from the quilter today.

The pattern name is "Under the Stars" by The Rabbit Factory.

It's 49" X 62"

It's a Christmas present for my brother and his family.

See how the quilter added character to the carrots?

The quilting on this star really makes it pop.

It's a surprise, don't tell them!!


  1. Absolutely adorable and beautifully made quilt. Both the piecing and the quilting. I love it when you find a quilter that adds those little extra touches that make it so special. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I think that's the cutest quilt you've ever made

  3. Adorable! That is so cozy. Both you and the quilter did an awesome job.

  4. I love the fact that it has all the family members' names on it. You are lucky to have a quilter that will do special touches like that. The pattern, fabric and piecing are all beautiful.

  5. This is the cutest quilt! It is so neat that it is "personalized". Tooo adorable!

  6. I found your blog on Sister's Choice bloglist. I love your quilts, your dogs, your sewing room, everything. I love this snowman quilt so much that I've ordered the pattern from The Rabbit Factory. I'll be back.


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