Monday, October 19, 2009

Room With A View..........

Hello friends!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It finally quit raining here, and the leaves are just starting to turn.

This is the view from my sewing room window. Hopefully I'll be able to share a weekly picture of this tree changing its color. Some folks are predicting a colorless fall for our area. I hope the leaves just don't dry up and fall off....we'll all have to wait and see together.

Last week was gloomy and rainy. When my dog doesn't get his daily walks, he's a pistol.

In an effort to entertain him, I hid treats in the paper and boxes that normally store my Halloween decorations.

Cooper was entertained for a good while but I'm not sure what to do about storing the Halloween decorations. I guess I'll worry about that November 1st.

I've been happily working away on my October Schnibbles project.

For those not familiar, this is the pattern that was selected for October for "The Year of Schnibbles" challenge.

The September Schnibble was frustrating for me, I struggled with my fabric choices. No problems in that area this month. I'm exchanging the Grinch green for blue, otherwise mine is the same. If it were up to me, I never would have made this quilt, but I'm loving it as it comes together. It appears as if I'm going to have a quilt that I really like, that I would not have made if it weren't for the Schnibbles project.

I was good with fabric from my stash for the red and blue stars but needed gold and background fabric for this pattern. I had never paid much attention to gold fabric, but I'm an expert now. It's hard to find gold toned fabric. I found gold with a hint of brown, gold with a hint of yellow, and gold with a hint of orange. I don't have much in the way of quilt shops here but I did drive 45 minutes one way to a quilt shop only to come home empty handed.

I then turned to the internet.

This fabric was part of a set of 10 fatquarters. It looked gold online, and the description said it was's not gold, it's yellow. It's not even close to gold. I now own 10 fatquarters of black and yellow fabric.
This fabric was also billed as gold, but to my dismay, it's more of a mustard color. Maybe it will work in some scrappy quilt down the road.

The background on this fabric is gold, but the green does not go at all. I really do think I may use this fabric some time.

Here are the fabrics that I found and plan to use. Not perfect, but I've discovered once I put them in the blocks they look fine. "Sometimes good is good enough".

My internet purchase for the background fabric isn't exactly working out, but I'll save that story for tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. What a beautiful view from your sewing room!!! Quite inspiring. Have fun with the Schnibbles project. Love the gold.

  2. I have a vew similar to yours from my sewing room! Can't wait to see the leaves change color.
    Cooper reminds me of my kitty cats! They always find a box.
    I can't wait to see your Schnibbles quilt. I have several of the patterns - I need to begin one.

  3. I'm still waiting for my Schnibbles pattern AND fabric! I really don't think I'll get it done in time because I'm starting to think I won't HAVE it in time.

    I always have problems with yellows/golds not looking like I think they should, but part of Miss Rosie's patterns is scrappy and making the fabrics work, most often means using lots of them.

  4. I wish you could come over and root around in my gold stash tub. I am sure you would find some things you could use!
    I love the picture of Cooper rustling around in the carton for a treat. I must try that game with Ozzie and Sophie.
    Can't believe the gorgeous view you have while sewing! You lucky thing!


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